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So you search google 'best beard oil', you get a bunch of results all claiming to be such. What does it take to make the best oil though ? What kind of secret ingredients must it contain for it to have such title?  

The answer is simple, everyone will call their beard oil 'THE BEST', but those that have certain ingredients that are good for your beard and skin are the ones who can lay claim to that title. A good beard oil should ideally have different carrier oils that provide your man mane with the nutrients it deserves and to top it all of, it should have a killer fragrance to it that makes the next man envy you.

The best beard oil ingredients:

The following are a list of oils that should be at the core of great beard oils. Obviously these aren't the only oils you MUST use but we've narrowed it down to these for their properties and benefits.

Argan Oil - Considered to be 'liquid gold' Argan oil is widely used in many hair products. It is rich in anti-oxidants, full of good fatty acids and contains Vitamins A, C and E. Argan oil helps with protects your beard from environmental damage through the anti-oxidants it contains.

Jojoba Oil - Pronounced ho-ho-ba, it has similar molecular structure to that of the oil created by your skin. Jojoba oil is another perfect ingredients that should be considered in beard oils. Similar to Argan oil, it contains lots of vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties. Amongst many things, it's perfect for helping to get rid of beardruff and helping to delay grey hairs.

Castor Oil: Over the past few years, Castor oil has become somewhat very popular amongst beauty bloggers and hair enthusiast. A quick YouTube search for 'castor oil hair growth' will come up with tons of results showing people who managed to thicken or grow their hair. Whilst all of this isn't exactly scientific, the benefits castor oil brings cannot be understated. It can help your beard with it's thickness and add shine, you might even see some beard growth. Don't hold us to that though.

Coconut Oil: One of the most versatile oils around. Used in cooking, hair care, body care and much more, we couldn't miss out on this powerhouse. Coconut oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which in turn help get all the dirt and nasty things out of your beard. It's lightweight structure allows it to go from the top layers of the hair deep into the strands helping them get moisturised and get stronger. What's not to love ?

Grapeseed Oil: A lightweight oil that's suitable for all skin types, Grapeseed oil is filled with anti-oxidants too. It's also perfect for people within the natural hair community as they're more prone to hair breakage. Grapeseed oil is perfect for helping strands get stronger.

Vitamin E Oil: Found in most foods that we eat, this oil is a fantastic addition when it comes to providing your beard with much needed nutrients. Similar to Argan oil it has anti-oxidant properties that will look after your beard hair and skin below it. The benefits of Vitamin E are vast and this short blog cannot do justice. It makes the starting line up that's for sure.

Scent: When adding fragrance to your oil, the options are limitless. It's wise to go for essential oils as opposed to lab made fragrance oils. Essential oils such as tea tree are known to have tremendous amount of benefits for the beard and skin. You can find a range of essential oils that have sweet, masculine or soothing smells depending on your preference. 

Some Popular Scents:

Unscented (Believe it or not)
Sweet Orange
Bay Rum
Mango and Vanilla



The above is our view of important ingredients beard oils should contain. There are other oils we have missed out that have their own properties and benefits but we firmly believe the above ingredients to be the best for your beard. You could brand us as being biased as all of our products contain the above mentioned ingredients.

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