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Beard Wash: How Often Should You Use It

Just like your other body parts, your beard needs washing. But when washing your beard, should you treat it like your other body parts?

The answer is, of course not. Your beard needs it owns products and routine so that it can stay in good shape. It needs a 1,2,3 step which does not take time and is simple enough to follow on a daily or weekly basis.

What is a Beard Wash?

You may ask, what is a beard wash? Is it just another fancy name for a shampoo and you'd be right. It is just a fancy name for a shampoo but it's no ordinary shampoo. You see mainstream shampoos cannot be used on the beard because they contain harsh chemicals and ingredients which would in turn damage the skin beneath your beard. 

A beard wash needs to be carefully formulated so that it contains ingredients which wash away dirt and grime from your beard and skin but at the same time are not too harsh to cause the skin beneath your beard damage.

How And When Should You Use a Beard Wash?

At Southside Beard Co we're all about simplicity. The same should be for your beard routines, no need to complicate it.

Ideally a beard wash should be used 3-4 times a week, as the first step before you delve into your other beard products. This will set your beard up for 'success' and have it ready for all the other products to follow. We say 3-4 times a week because you don't want to strip your skin beneath the beard of its natural oil more than necessary.

A little goes a long way with beard washes. Just like when you wash the hair on your head, dampen the beard with water and apply the beard wash afterwards working your fingers through the beard in all directions.

 Top Tip: Leave the wash on for 2-3 mins. You're welcome ;)

What's a Good Beard Routine:

A good beard routine will have 3 steps to it:

1. Wash - Remove dirt and excess oil using a beard wash. Give the beard a much needed clean.

2. Moisturise - Replace the lost oil by moisturising with beard oil. Reduce the risk of beardruff, split ends and hair breakage.

3: Tame - Using a beard balm to tame any fly-away and unruly hair.

Final words:

A beard wash is the foundation of a good beard routine. Finding a good beard wash is even more important.

If you're looking for natural products that will make the 1,2,3 beard routine and your life easy check out the following link where you will find a natural beard wash, beard oil in fresh scents and medium hold balms that will help control your beard.

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