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3 Simple Gift Ideas For Father's Day | Southside Beard Co

If you're looking for a gift for your dad, or any other loved ones who are fathers, here's a list of ideas that will make their day.

A personalised shirt with his favourite saying or something funny

This is a great idea if you want to give him something unique and fun. You can get the shirt printed with his favourite saying or quote in any colour and size. This will certainly make him feel special, especially if it's printed in his favourite colour or style.

Shirt With Funny Dad Quote


Beard Grooming set for Father's day

Beards are going through a renaissance right now and many men are growing them out. If your dad is one of those people, he may appreciate some tools to help him look after his beard properly. You could buy him a beard grooming set with all the products he needs such as shampoo, conditioner, balm or oil etc... These types of gifts tend to be very practical and useful so they will definitely be appreciated by your dad!

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Luxury Beard Gift Set From Southside Beard Co


Full grooming set contains beard oil, beard balm, beard butter and beard wash coming in 4 ridiculously good smelling scents. 

Keep it simple and get him a card with a lovely message on it.

Often when looking for gifts for loved ones, we can overcomplicate the process and try to think of the biggest, most expensive thing we can get them. Sometimes it's the smaller things which tend to hold the biggest value. If you're out of ideas for what to get the big man on this special day, get him a card with a nice message on it. You can go for plain old 'I love you dad' or you can get creative and write an inside joke you share with him, a phrase he says often or whatever comes to mind. It will most certainly mean something to him.

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